6 Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan Places to Go in NYC

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New York City may seem like a haven for all vegetarians and vegans, but it can sometimes be difficult finding a good meatless meal in this town. The next time you’re racking your brains for a place to go, or if you just want to try something new, look out for one of these delicious spots to satisfy that craving.

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Here are 6 vegetarian and vegan places you need to try ASAP:

 1. For when you’re craving “chicken” wings…

1 Vegetarian and Vegan Places NYC
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Red Bamboo in Greenwich Village is one of the best places to get FAKE meat in the city, so bring your picky “pseudo-carnivores” here!


Top dishes include the Buffalo Wings, Sizzling Pepper Steak Platter, and the Pulled Pork Sandwich.

2. For when you’re craving Chinese…

2 Vegetarian and Vegan Places NYC
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Chinatown is notoriously inaccessible for vegetarians and vegans, but when you’re next craving dumplings and noodles, look no further than Buddha Bodai. The restaurant boasts a full vegetarian menu including traditional dim sum. Favorites include the Turnip Cake, Sticky Rice Shiu Mai, and Shrimp Dumplings.

 3. For when you’re craving diner food…

3 Vegetarian and Vegan Places NYC
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Comfort food is Champs specialty. They serve up great quality American food like nachos, wings, biscuits and gravy, so head on over here when you’re yearning for some all-American goodness without the meat.


Top picks are the Tofu Benedict, Red Velvet Pancakes, Breakfast Burrito and Vegan Biscuits and Gravy.

4. For when you’re craving food trucks…

4 Vegetarian and Vegan Places NYC
[via Michele L./Yelp]
Every New Yorker needs a good old food truck meal once in a while, and vegetarians and vegans will not be disappointed with The Cinnamon Snail. Well known for its delicious vegan sandwiches and donuts, this food truck attracts long lines, so get there fast! Must-tries include the 5-Spice Seitan Sandwich, Thai BBQ Tempeh Sandwich, Crème Brulee Donuts, and Cinnamon Rolls.

5. For when you’re craving Middle-Eastern…

5 Vegetarian and Vegan Places NYC
[via Victoria K./Yelp]
New York City is known for its falafel, and Taim is at the top of that list. The all-vegetarian menu includes red, harissa, and green falafel, delicious salads and yummy smoothies.


Popular picks include the Harissa Falafel Sandwich, Mixed Falafel Platter, and Signature Smoothies.

6. For when you’re craving upscale food…

6 Vegetarian and Vegan Places NYC
[via Kelly B./Yelp]
Eating vegan doesn’t have to mean eating casual! Blossom is an upscale vegan restaurant that will satisfy all your fancy food cravings. Beautifully presented salads and entrees adorn the menu at this restaurant. Crowd pleasers are the Port Wine Seitan, Cashew Cream Ravioli, Black Eyed Pea Cake, and Chocolate Ganache.

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This article was written by a regular Big Appled contributor, Kiri Lester-Hodges.

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