5 Must-Have Beauty Products For Fall In NYC

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“Life starts all over again when it begins to get crisp in the Fall” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

With this quote as my inspiration of fresh starts and new beginnings, I’ve decided to add to this, by searching for products that give you the same “new me” feeling. Especially after, a long, hot boozy summer in the city with plenty of parties, BBQ’s, vacations, and drinking in the sun.

Sometimes we need to show our bodies how much we love them by taking time out and revitalizing. New York is in the transition from sweaty Summer to the return of the gold and orange leaf scattered season that is Fall.

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We want you to feel and look as beautiful as the city does this time of year. So, we’ve found products that will make you feel fantastic from the inside out, for the fabulous season of Fall.

Here Are 5 Must-Have Beauty Products For Fall in NYC:

1. Cozy Candles

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Something so small that can make a difference to your entire outlook and mood.

There’s something so comforting about lighting a scented candle when it’s gray and rainy outside your apartment window. In a New York apartment, a luxurious scent and a warming glow has a way of transforming your little bit of space into a sanctuary.

We’ve found some great candles at Dayna Decker which are created with the multi-sensory in mind covering sight, sound and scent. They actually have a wick that when lit, makes the crackling sound of a blazing fire! Pick one up at your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond or even a Bodega! Or splurge a little at www.daynadecker.com


2. Detox with a Tea-tox

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Although it’s getting chilly out, you want to stay warm and maintain being healthy right?

As phenomenal as a big bowl of mac n’ cheese and a glass of red can be from time to time, it’s not a healthy, everyday thing. Most New Yorker’s have tried out a crazy new fad diet or cleanse – but a Tea-tox will let you drink the yummy warm tea on top of your healthy eating AND you’ll drop a few pounds.

A particular brand we have taken a shine to is “Byron Body Tea”. It gives you more energy, a better night’s sleep, it beats the bloat, gives that hair a shine, it’s gluten-free and overall, will help you shed summer pounds.

The greatest part about this tea-tox, is that its 100% natural, totally delicious, AND you get a cute little Byron Tea diffuser man who sits in your cup while you drink! Prices start at $33 You can order on www.africanmangotea.com.au

3. Luminous Hair

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 Summer means people have taken their hair a few shades lighter, or the constant summer sun has been beating down on your locks. Whichever the case, both can leave your hair a bit fried.

Fall is the time to repair, revamp and reboot, not to mention nothing feels better than having tumbling luminous locks. This little bottle of Moroccan Oil was sent from the hair of God’s themselves! We have found their magical formula to give you a smoother, healthier, shinier hair flip.


Not only does it leave you feeling Goddess-like, it restores hair from the deepest darkest damage. The treatment is designed to nourish, transform and repair; and if it couldn’t get any better, it’s for all hair types. Check out Moroccan Oil products on www.moroccanoil.com or pop into a “Ricky’s” located throughout the city.

 4. Scrub Away Summer Sins

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Ladies and gentlemen, just because your skin isn’t on display doesn’t mean you should be neglecting it during Fall. It’s important to keep it scrubbed and feeling smooth.

“Frank” is an all-natural coffee scrub for your body. Could you have thought of a more perfect scrub for a New Yorker? Not really.

This exfoliating body scrub is made from coffee grinds and targets a females worst nightmare – cellulite, as well as other skin conditions like stretch marks, eczema, acne and psoriasis. Not to mention, this wonderous scrub starts cheap and cheerful at just $14.95! Love your skin and treat it with some Frank lovin’ at www.frankbody.com

5. Keep Your Tan

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Maintaining a tan after summer is pretty hard unless you’re jetting off to Miami every weekend – which most of us aren’t. Let’s not pretend like it doesn’t matter either, we can still see your face, hands and arms!


If you want to keep a glowing, natural tan in the healthiest way, look no further. Hampton Sun is holding it down this season! You will have no streaks, no chemical odor, and no stickiness.

The outcome is natural, it smells divine, dries in seconds and develops for four hours. Find Hampton Sun at Sephora or online www.hamptonsuncare.com and keep your glow going girls!

By: Georgia Sumner 

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